Best Places to Visit During Your Next Trip to Amritsar

16th Nov 2018 Banquet Halls, Hotel, Restaurant

Hotel Elm Tree Amritsar is one of the best family hotels in Amritsar with excellent accommodation options and amazing modern amenities available for their guests. They also have their own restaurant and bar which is very famous as one of the best hotels in Amritsar and the bar is very famous among top 10 bar in Amritsar. If you are on a leisure trip to Amritsar or for your work purpose, there are few places which you should definitely not miss visiting during your trip to Amritsar. They are listed as below:

The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is the holiest shrine of Sikh community. The whole temple was built with marble and copper in 1809 by Maharaja Ranjit Singh and the same was overlaid with golden foil in 1830, and yet the name is Golden temple. In early morning and at evening time you can see the beautiful reflection of the temple in the central tank within the premises of the temple; which is known as the “Amrit sarovar”. There is no best time to visit this holy place as it is open 24 hours but still early morning and late night is best time to avoid queues. Their community kitchen serves almost 75000 visitors every single day. It is just 2.2 kms away from the Hotel Elm tree Amritsar.

Travel Tip: Carry a scarf or dupatta to cover your head inside the premises of the temple.


Wagha Border

The wagha border is a must see among all the sightseeing places in and around Amritsar. Every evening Indian and pakistani soldiers lower their national flags with perfectly coordinated and orchestrated manoeuvres. You can see the patriotism at its best among the visitors, the way they are shouting “Bharat mata ki jay” will make you super excited with patriotism. The timing for this parade is around 4 o’clock during winter season and 5 o’clock during summer season. This place is 29 kms away from Hotel Elm Tree Amritsar and you can reach hear with in 45 minutes by car.

Travel Tip: There is limited entry so better to reach there one hour earlier.


Jallianwala Bagh

It has been more than hundred years since genaral Dyer ordered to fire machine guns at the protesters who were in a public garden, protesting peacefully. It is one of the darkest chapter of Indian history, which serves as a memorial historical site. If you visit there, you can clearly see the bullet marks on the walls. This historical monument is 3.5 kms away from Hotel Elm Tree Amritsar.

Travel tip: entry is free. Best time to visit this historical monument is early morning and late evening as it is an open garden area so afternoon heat can be difficult to tolerate for you.


Hall Bazaar- Biggest local shopping hub

If you are feeling confused about what to purchase from the biggest shopping hub of Amritsar, then you’re not wrong as there are plenty of shops with thousands of different things to buy from. First of all buy a colorful Punjabi jutti and phulkari duppatta or saree from the local market. After that you can try some of the wadiyas and papad from Ujagar Singh – Karam Singh store. There is one famous aam pappad Wala on Lawrence road named Ram lubhaya aam papad Wala. And regarding eating the local delicacies like different kind of paratha and chole kulcha, don’t miss out eating at kesar da dhaba and kanha sweets.

Travel tip: do not hesitate to bargain at local shops.


Places to eat in Amritsar

Foodgasms come guaranteed in Amritsar! Walk around the narrow bylanes of the old city and feast on kulchas, kachoris, parathas, lassi and butter chicken! A food walking tour is a great idea. You will be tired of eating but the local places to eat and local delicacies won’t end here. And if you don’t eat at local places in Amritsar, your Amritsar trip is not accomplished. This local places are in the perimeter of 1-2 kms from the Hotel Elm Tree Amritsar.

Travel Tip: Top places to eat in Amritsar include Kesar Da Dhaba (famous for its thalis) at Chowk Passian, Bharawan Da Dhaba near Town Hall and Kanha Sweet at Dayanand Nagar.


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